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You can buy both Debatable (English) and the Swedish version (Debattera Mera) directly from our store. We ship to anywhere in the world for a low flat rate.

You can buy both Debatable (English) and the Swedish version (Debattera Mera) directly from our store. We ship to anywhere in the world for a low flat rate.

Debatable - A seriously silly game

In Debatable all players are politicians taking turns debating both serious and silly topics.

Two players are involved in each debate and when the time is up the other players vote on the player they felt won the debate.

Of course you never enter a debate unprepared, and your strategic advisor has provided you with some clever debate strategies that will ensure your victory.


1 Rules sheet.
1 Sand timer.
93 Topic cards (465 topics).
60 Strategy cards (240 strategies).
1 Moderator card.
1 YES card.
1 NO card.
8 Vote Yes cards.
8 Vote No cards.
8 Under Pressure cards.

How To Play

Debatable is easy to learn and fun to play. Learn the basics by watching the video above and/or read below.

1. The first round of the game a random player is selected to be the Moderator, and receives the Moderator Card.

In the following rounds the Moderator is always the player who lost the previous round.

The Moderator Card

2. The Moderator draws a Topic Card which contains 5 different topics to debate, and selects 1 of them.

The Topic Cards

3. The Moderator then selects two players who they want to see debate the selected topic, and gives one player the YES Card, and the other player the NO Card.

The player who receives the YES Card must argue for the selected topic, and the player with the NO Card must argue against, regardless of their own personal feelings.

The YES and NO Cards

4. To make it interesting, both the selected players must first draw two Strategy Cards and read them without telling anyone else.

The Strategy Cards all contain different strategies that the debating players MUST use while trying to win the debate.
Strategy Cards

5. The cards are all square-shaped, so the strategies will depend on which way the players pick up their cards. They are not allowed to rotate them afterwards, and must use the strategies that end up on TOP of each card.

In this example the strategies for one of the players becomes "Use the spirits in the room" and "Make groundless accusations".
Selected strategies

6. Now, the Moderator turns over the sand timer and the debate starts.

The two players do their best to win the debate while trying to overcome the, most likely silly, strategies they have on their cards. This will of course create a hilarious debate, regardless of how serious the topic is.

The Moderator’s job is to make sure that the debate is fair and that it does not stall.

Sand timer

7. When the time is up, all non-debating players, including the Moderator, votes on who they think won the argument, regardless of their own personal opinions about the actual topic.

Vote YES and Vote NO Cards.

8. The player who won the debate is safe, while the loser receives an Under Pressure Card.

Having this card means that if you lose another debate, you’re out of the game.

The loser of a debate also becomes the Moderator for the next round, and gets to select a new topic and the two players who will debate it.

The Under Pressure Card

9. When a player who has an Under Pressure Card loses a debate they turn over their card, which means that they’re out of the game.

But that's not so bad! Because, from now on, the Moderator role will pass in clockwise order between the eliminated players, meaning they stay involed in the game until the end.

Only one player will remain standing, and is declared the Debate King or Queen.

The I am out Card

Debatable contains 450 different topics to debate, and the 60 square cards containing 4 strategies each means that there are over 25,000 different strategy combinations. So, no matter how many times you play, it will never feel repetitive.

Print & Play Mini Expansions

Below you can download our mini expansions that each contain 60 new topics in a specific category. Each expansion consists of two PDF files, one contains the front side of the cards and the other the back side, and you can also choose if you want to print the color version or the black and white version. You will find instructions on how to use the expansions in the PDFs.

The Entertainment Expansion

Movies, TV-series, music, literature, and more. Have fun discussing topics from the world of entertainment.

The NSFW Expansion

The NSFW (Not Safe For Work) expansion contains topics not suitable for players under the age of 18. Due to the controversial nature of some topics, we also recommend that you read through the topics contained in the PDF first, and only play this expansion with a group of players that you are certain will not be offended by the included topics.

The downloadable expansions are currently available in English only, but they can of course be used with the Swedish version of the game as well.

Additional Downloads

Blank Topic Cards

Download and print blank topic cards where you can fill in your own topics to debate. Depending on your printer you can choose if you want to print the color version or the black and white version.

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